Our retreats give every business owner the one thing they need to make their business a success: themselves. Turn off the noise and distraction and give the future of your business your full attention. Surrounded by inspiring, like-minded people and the support of experienced mentors to guide you through and keep you on track, you will solve the challenges that need to be surmounted to take your business to the next stage. Of course any process like this isn’t linear but the retreats are structured around seven progressions to create the optimal circumstances for innovative and actionable thinking that will change the future of your business.

  1. Outline: pre-arrival you’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire that will enable us to shape your retreat to your needs. Whether it’s growth, exit or resurrection, put into words if you’ve not already, the overall goal for the next stage of your business.
  2. Identify: perhaps you already know where it is you need to focus your energies to achieve your goal, perhaps not. Completing our identify framework during the first working session on arrival will allow you to spell out your thinking and clearly see where your attention is needed. The resulting document will give you a working plan for the retreat.
  3. Validate: dissect your goal and working plan with your mentor, and allow a critical eye to challenge you and ensure your thinking is sound. At this and any time during the retreat, that insight and advice is available to you on any area of your business maybe you feel less strong.
  4. Think: take this gift of time, with no distractions, no to-do lists, no meetings, to do the thinking that you never get to do, to see your business afresh and to plan out and begin working on what you need to do to meet your objective.
  5. Review: each day the mentors are available for review sessions to discuss what you’ve been working on, provide further insights, advice and to challenge you where necessary.
  6. Conclude: as the end of the retreat draws near so will your conclusions on your next steps. To ensure you capture all the work you’ve done during the retreat you’ll finalise a fully stated plan encapsulating what actions you need to take back to the ‘real world’.
  7. Implement: we all know we leave opportunities like this full of positivity and intention only to fall back into the same pressures of running the business every damn day. We really don’t want you to lose all your hard work – it actually kind of upsets us – so before you leave we’ll be scheduling follow-up sessions to keep you honest, and give you the support you may lack back home.

Throughout the retreat, we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss your challenges and be inspired. Enjoy the stimulating conversation and alternative perspectives around your business challenges and those of your peers. Healthy and hearty Tuscan cuisine provides the “brain-food” and backdrop for stimulating discussions over meal times. These discussions will be both free, guided (on pre-determined topics, as elected pre-retreat) and driven by you, for example presenting ideas to solicit feedback.

And if you think processes aren’t your thing, feel free to simply enjoy the peace, good company and mentoring opportunities to work on whatever aspect of your business you like. Or simply relax. We firmly believe that this will do your business a world of good too!

For more information and to discover what to expect visit the program outline for our next Retreat to Advance this coming October 2017.


Retreat to Advance

October 2017

The next Retreat to Advance will run this October 21-27. The five-day, five-night retreat runs Sunday night to Friday morning. The retreat is held at Il Borghino, a stunning Tuscan villa perched high on a hilltop with vistas stretching over the vineyards and olive groves Tuscany is famous for. Lovingly restored the villa is comfortable and modern while retaining its traditional charm.

One of the most special things about Retreat to Advance is that the final programme is built around what you – our guests – want to discuss, debate and learn, not from what we believe you need to know.

Presumption of knowledge can often be recipe for disaster. As such you’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire before the retreat from which we will determine the specific subjects you would like included in the guided discussions and what points to be openly debated in the free discussions. We’ve compiled a list of the type of business challenges that come up most often, to give you an idea of what types of business challenges get discussed.

As well as plenty of peace and quiet to work independently throughout the retreat there are ample opportunities for guests to discuss their specific challenges, predominantly organised into the three following avenues:

  • One-to-one sessions with mentors
  • At guided group discussions led by the mentors (the first hour is led by the mentors with the following 60 minutes as open discussion and debate)
  • Discussion time over breakfast, lunch and dinner on guest-elected topics



Come prepared for a week that will transform your business – complete the Outline* questionnaire to streamline your goals for the retreat and notify us of your learning requirements.


  • Arrive at Pisa Airport or Lucca station, collected by car and transfer to villa to settle in
  • 6.30pm welcome drinks and introduction to what will be happening over the coming days
  • 7.30pm welcome dinner – during which each guest can give a brief introduction about themselves, their business and what their key objectives are for the following days.


  • 8.30am – breakfast (free discussion)
  • 10.00am–12.30pm – group session where participants complete our Identify* framework to spell out their objectives and then Validate* a working plan with their mentor.
  • 1pm – lunch (discussion on guest-elected topics)
  • 2.30–7.00pm – free time to Think* or meet with mentor for Review* sessions. Take this time, with no distractions, no to-do lists, no meetings, to do the thinking that you never get to do then review what you’ve been working on with your mentor for insights, advice and to be challenged where necessary.
  • 7.30pm – dinner (free discussion and feedback on the day)

Tuesday to Thursday

  • 8.30am – breakfast (free discussion)
  • 9.30am–11.30am – optional guided discussion
  • 11.30am–1.00pm – free time to Think* or meet with mentor for Review* sessions
  • 1pm – lunch (discussion on guest-elected topics)
  • 2.30–4.30pm  – optional guided discussion or free time to think and plan
  • 4.30–7.00pm – free time to Think*, Review* or enjoy the villa facilities and activities
  • 7.30pm – dinner (free discussion and feedback on the day)

One of the lunches will be held at a restaurant in Lucca offering the opportunity to visit the charming walled city and one of the dinners will be held at local Tuscan restaurant.


  • 8.30am – breakfast (free discussion and take-aways)
  • 10am – Conclude* your retreat with a fully stated plan encapsulating what actions you need to take back to the ‘real world’ and schedule your follow-up sessions so we can keep you honest and give you support to Implement* your hard work.
  • 11am – transfer by car to Lucca, Pisa airport or weekend accommodation*

Note: We offer guests the opportunity to extend their stay leaving on Saturday at no extra cost – but only breakfast will be provided.

*Read more about the steps a Retreat to Advance involves.

The mentors

Eddie Thomas

With some 40 years at the helm of driving business success, Eddie Thomas knows what it takes to get results. Having managed, grown and sold a variety of businesses in his career, in 2014 he turned his focus towards using his years of experience towards helping others to do the same. And so Rare Breed was born.

Eddie’s appreciation for mentoring can be traced as far back as the launch of his career in a publishing company in London – when the owner recognised a rare talent in an inexperienced 20-year-old and thus began many years of a unique mentoring relationship. The steep learning curve paid off and within 12 years he had risen to CEO and sold the company to Robert Maxwell (Daily Mirror Group). Since then he has accumulated experience in acquisitions, capital raising, mergers, equity events, MBOs, amongst many of the other challenges and opportunities businesses face, hands-on experience he is now able to share with his clients.

Eddie is a master business advisor who can show you exactly what needs to be done to take your business to the next level. He is an extremely likeable, straight shooting business advisor who can successfully identify the best strategies and tactics to see any business flourish.

Find out what clients have to say about Eddie.

Mark Newey

After 18 years of working for corporations in international marketing, Mark set up his own company. Initially extremely successful, the company went bust due to a bad debt from a major client, and triggered a personal breakdown. Mark then changed his life by training in the neurosciences and has never looked back. He set up his own behavioural psychotherapy practice in 2000 and has since helped thousands of businesses thrive by working with the leader to tackle personal limitations such as stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem and motivation.

Mark has an MBA and is a Fellow of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA); a Member of The International Stress Management Association (ISMA); an Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM); and of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Mark’s rare combination of knowledge and experience, which combines behavioural, organisational and leadership psychology, executive coaching and resilience and wellbeing, provides business owners with fast, far-reaching and effective solutions guaranteed to transform employee engagement, motivation, productivity and thereby growth and profitability.

What do business owners have to say about Mark?
“I have found Mark’s way of approaching things refreshingly different to the run of the mill. He isn’t ‘heavy’, he encourages you to think from a completely different angle and doesn’t harp on about the past. Mark is more ‘bespoke’ and with him you are guaranteed gentle support and plenty of ‘light bulb moments’, which is exactly what you need to when you are losing direction and need a reality check to help you re-clarify your vision and where to take your business. I would heartily recommend him.”
Julie Payne FIRP

“Mark is simply excellent at what he does, he truly cares and will not stop until he has helped you move forward. Well worth the investment of time and money.”
Chris Clark, Cert PFS

Accommodation & facilities

The villa offers 11 bedrooms, mostly en suite, large, beautifully furnished and with stunning views from every room. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for working solo and meeting for small and large group discussions.

Wifi is of course available within the villa. Outside guests can refresh body and mind with a dip in the pool or take a walk around the grounds or local countryside enjoying the views over the hills and vineyards. There’s also a sauna and optional massage, yoga and meditation to revive stressed out bodies and minds.

All meals and refreshments are included, with most major special requirements catered for. Morning and afternoon snacks served daily mid-morning and mid-afternoon plus tea, coffee and other refreshments on demand throughout the day. Pre-dinner drinks from 7pm. Choice of red or white wine served with dinner.

Price and inclusions

Room type:

€2950 – double bedroom with private bathroom
€2750 – single bedroom with private bathroom
€2500 – double bedroom with shared bathroom (shared with one other guest)

All-inclusive of:

  • Five nights’ accommodation
  • All meals and refreshments throughout the day
  • Local wine with lunch and dinner
  • Transfers

Note: Should you wish to bring a business partner or colleague, and are happy to share a twin bedroom, then the second guest will be charged at 50% of the rates above.

Earlybird discount: Book and pay your deposit of €650 by May 31, 2017 and a 12.5 % earlybird discount will be applied to your final payment (due August 14).

Book now and save!

If you’ve read this far then you’ve just explored what Retreat to Advance will offer your business. If your interest has been piqued and you believe one of our retreats could be just what you and your business need then don’t delay! One thing we all know in our busy working lives is that when you put things aside for later they don’t get done – so give us a call or send us an email now with any questions and to secure your place at the earlybird rate. Take this gift of time – with no distractions, no to-do lists, no meeting – to do the thinking that you never get to do, You’ll be pleased you did and your business will thank you for it.

Retreat to advance

Time to focus on the future of your business

What is Retreat to Advance?

Retreat to Advance is a five-day retreat in Tuscany with a maximum of 11 business owners. It is the space to think; a place to develop your ideas aided by two experienced business mentors; and an opportunity to share and receive feedback from other business owners just like you. It is the gift of time, the time you don’t have day to day. It is a place where you can stop the inputs and focus on your output. It is a space where you are able to set free your business’s potential.

We believe you already know what it takes to make a success of your business you just lack the time and support to bring your ideas to fruition. We believe it is through personal attention that you can get the feedback you need to feel confident in your decision-making. And we believe that peer discussions and debate allow not only problems to be solved but more importantly allows learning from others’ mistakes. Read on for more information about Retreat to Advance. Our October dates will be the only retreat for 2017 before the full series launches in 2018, so get in quick, with just 11 spots the retreat will fill up fast.

Introducing Retreat to Advance [Video]

When you escape the daily demands of your business on an all-inclusive Retreat to Advance you will receive:

  • Time alone to think and plan in a stunning and peaceful Tuscan setting
  • One-on-one sessions with your choice from two experienced business mentors to work through your most difficult business challenges
  • Group sessions on the issues you identify as most pertinent to your business
  • The opportunity to share your issues and concerns with others just like you during stimulating meal-time discussions
  • Encouragement to turn your ideas into an actionable plan
  • Follow-up check-ins with your mentor to help keep you on track with implementing your new plan.

While you’re on the retreat, we’ll take care of the details to ensure you can focus on your business:

  • Five nights’ luxury accommodation in a stunning Tuscan villa
  • All meals and refreshments throughout the day
  • Local wine with lunch and dinner
  • Transfers
  • Optional stress-reducing activities such as massage, walks, yoga and meditation are available

What can I expect on a Rare Breed business retreat?

Expect to be challenged, questioned and pushed to find solutions. Expect to leave with an actionable plan to take back into your business. And expect follow-up. Your mentor will schedule follow-up sessions with you after the retreat to keep you accountable and ensure the valuable work you do does not go to waste.

What Retreat to Advance is not… is a conference. In fact this is quite different to any business retreat or conference that you may have been on before. While there is an agenda, the retreats are far from conference-style events with so much structure and information overload that it restricts free-thinking and leaves you even more overwhelmed.

You can discover the types of challenges you could bring to Retreat to Advance here.

It’s easy to feel guilty about taking time away from your business, but in reality getting time to think is an essential part of growing your business. So while you may ask yourself: “Can I really afford five days away from my business?” the question should rather be: “Can I afford not to?”.

Come and join us for a working holiday that your business will thank you for – it is long overdue! Discover all the details of the next Retreat to Advance business retreat.

Who will benefit from Retreat to Advance?

The retreats are designed for small- to medium-size business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups who lack both space, time and support to drive the success of their business. Whether you’re looking for growth, acquisition, a buy-out or simply to make it through another year of trading, the structure of the retreat will guide you through the process of mapping out exactly what you need to do to achieve your objective.

Retreat to Advance, October 2017

The next Retreat to Advance will run this October 21-27. The five-day, five-night retreat runs Sunday night to Friday morning. The retreat is held at Il Borghino, a stunning Tuscan villa perched high on a hilltop with …